3 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Water Heating System

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To cut down your annual energy bills & carbon footprint installing a solar water heating system for your home is the best thing you can do. And now Government offering incentives to people that are installing renewable technology in their home, there couldn’t be a better time to getting one fitted in your home as well.

However, there are quite a few things you need to ask yourself before installing a solar water heating system for your home. Let’s find out what are they:

Is your home suitable for installing a solar water heating system?

A typical heating system needs a panel to be fixed to your roof to gather heat from the sun. To maximize the effect you require a 3-4m² area on a South-facing roof that gets direct sunlight for the most part of the day. A South-West and South-East facing roof can also be considered but won’t work as effectively.

Flat plate or evacuated tube systems?

Well, solar evacuated tubes are known to be more competent in covering sun rays into heat compared to flat plate panels. However, issues may arise during set up if they’ve not been correctly sized.

Nevertheless, flat plate solar panels are an affordable substitute to evacuated tubes & are more suited for residential hot water use.

Or you can use flat plate panels and solar evacuated tubes collectively. The flat plate warms the water first, then the evacuated tube further amplify the temperature prior to sending it to the storage container.

Do you require planning approval for installing a solar water heating unit?

In the United Kingdom, changes to authorized development consent for renewable technologies have made it really simpler to set up solar panels on residential properties without the need for planning approval.

However, the special case does apply for conservation areas, listing buildings and areas of exceptional natural splendor.

Regardless of where you’re, if you’re thinking about installing solar heating it’s recommended to check with your local authority if planning approval is needed before the installation process.

Is your existing boiler compatible with solar water heating?

The good thing is that most traditional boiler systems & hot water cylinder systems are compatible with solar heating. However, if you have a combination boiler that runs without a tank then it’s expected that it won’t be compatible. If you’re not sure it’s wise to consult a competent installer who can guide on compatibility with your existing system.

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Solar Water Heating Systems:How Do You Save Under the Sun?

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Do you want to save money on your utility bill? Do you need an alternative energy source? You should go solar by purchasing solar water heaters for your home. They are the great investment. No matter what, investing in solar water heating can make your home energy efficient – in turn can help the environment, lower electricity bills as well as possibly help you fetch a high sale price. The reason behind going solar is to create a cleaner environment, slow down climate change and to save you money in the long run.

Before going in detail, first of all, you should know about solar water heating systems.

Solar Water Heating Systems –

Solar water heating systems use solar panels – well-known as collectors installed on the roof. However, there are two types of solar heating panels available on the market, like evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors. The collectors are responsible for collecting the heat from the sun and use it to heat up water – then it’s stored in a hot water cylinder. An immersion heater or boiler can be used as a backup option to further heat up water to reach the temperature level you want.

How Do You Save on Electricity Bills Under the Sun –

If you invest green technologies like solar water heaters in the household, you can reduce the electricity use consequently and able to meet the energy challenges of future. Generally, a homeowner uses electricity for water heating, interior heating, cooking, and lighting. So these are the area you should target first. Again, if you want to save money on your electricity bill, you should invest in an alternative energy source for water heating. Obviously, by installing solar water heaters, you can save more than 24% on your electricity bill.

Moreover, a solar water heater uses the solar radiation to generate heat energy. Hence, with the installation of solar water heaters at household, a typical household of four will save third of their electricity bill, and the savings will pay back the cost of solar water heaters in around four years.

Conclusion –

If you’re interested in going solar, Northern Lights Solar Solutions is a world leader, providing pre-designed, pre-packaged solar water heating systems for both residential and commercial applications. Our solar water heaters are pre-engineered to provide the quick and easy installation with maximum efficiency and performance. We are a competent accredited installer – able to assess your home and help you choose the best setup to meet your unique requirements and preferences. We even go as far as we can for providing our clients with the optimize system programming so that they can quickly maximize their system performance and receive the highest ROI in the industry. Hence, buy solar water heaters from Northern Lights Solar Solutions and continue to save on energy utility bills. For immediate help in sizing solar water heaters, please contact us as soon as possible at 1 800 317 9054 or visit https://www.solartubs.com/.

Reduce the Consumption of Fossil Fuels

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It is found that nearly 85% of the US energy supply is coming from fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Normally fossil fuels take millions of years to form, for which they are considered as the non-renewable source. Usage of fossil fuels affects the environment and the living beings due to the harmful emissions. In order to reduce the fossil fuel usage and decrease the pollution produced, we need to consider some effective ways like solar space heating and more.

Let us discuss the most effective ways of reducing the fossil fuel ways that will save you money and  create a pollution free environment:

1. Consider Reusable Products:

There are many consumer goods, which can be reused instead of being discarded. For instance, you can use a fabric grocery shopping bag instead of paper or plastic. Using reusable glass plates and cups also reduces the amount of Styrofoam and plastics (that require fossil fuel resources. While shopping, you can focus on buying post-consumer manufactured goods that are made from recycled materials.

2. Make your Car Fuel-efficient:

Having a fuel-efficient car proves to be an investment that saves on fossil fuel usage. To conserve energy and reduce fossil fuel consumption, you need to ensure proper engine maintenance. This will keep the car in top condition and reduce the fuel usage.

3. Insulate your Home:

By improving the energy performance of your house, you can reduce the heating loads and reduce the fossil fuel consumption. With a well insulated home, you can lower the costs for heating and air conditioning systems. Insulating your home will not only significantly boost the energy performance of your home but also helps in reducing the consumption of energy created by the fossil fuel.

4. Use Public Transportation:

These days, most of the metropolitan cities and towns in the US are increasingly using clean energy for their mass transit systems. This gives you an opportunity to use the mass transit or public transportation, which will prove to be one of the best ways to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel. Apart from this, you can also organize a carpool or vanpool in your neighborhood to get the best results. In many cities, it is also found that people are opting for Eco-friendly means of transportation like cycling.

Conserve Energy and Go Green with Solar Space Heating:

Solar space heating systems are considered to be one of the most effective and excellent ways of reducing the fossil fuel consumption, carbon emission and costly energy bills. The solar heating systems use the green, clean and renewable- solar energy, which helps in reducing the consumption of propane, oil and other fossil fuels. Powered by the renewable energy source-sun energy, the solar heaters eliminate the pollution and reduce the amount of fossil fuel needed to power your home. Installing the solar heating systems will prove to be the most valuable investment for your home.

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Five Amazing Things about Solar Water Heating System

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Most of you are aware of solar panels but not about solar water heaters that can be great source of heat energy for your home. Due to the use of solar heating technology these heaters can trap and convert free solar energy to heat up air or fluid, which ultimately helps transmit this energy to interior walls and space or storage systems for future use. Solar water heating compliment many other heating systems installed in your home or office like boilers, radiant floor heating, boilers, gas absorption heat pumps, forced-air furnaces etc.

When thinking about green energy solutions, you may like to consider solar photovoltaic panels. However, this is not the only cost-effective option available to capture and convert the solar power. Solar water heaters (SWH), otherwise known as solar thermal power systems can also be a good choice for collecting green energy in abundance. You can have them in four different types – solar domestic hot water systems, solar thermal system for space heating, solar combi systems and solar swimming pool or hot tub heating systems that would make your green energy investment productive.

Solar water heating is the modern method involving conversion of the free solar energy into heat energy that would heat up water. It works around solar thermal technology and consists of an evacuated solar collector that derives power from sunlight and passes it into water to provide ultimate heating solutions for your home or even commercial property. Solar thermal system is mainly used for domestic water heating or space heating.

Below are given five amazing things that you may like to know before installing solar water heating systems:

  • Solar water heaters can be cost-effective method of heating in cold regions where people mostly depend on fuel energy for floor heating or water heating.
  •  Solar heaters deliver the benefits of green energy and can keep your forced air furnaces running.
  •  Most of the solar thermal systems come with 10 year warranty but are likely to last more than that.
  •  The use of solar heaters can bring you sales tax concession, income tax credits and real estate tax discounts in some regions.
  • Solar heating systems can successfully reduce the amount of fossil fuels required for heat generation and electricity production.

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4 Top Solar Water Heating System Suppliers In Canada

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In the current scenario, when energy expenses are rising & climate variation is evident, taking appropriate step to become self-sufficient and generate your own power is an excellent way of encountering both issues. A wise way of achieving this goal is to install a solar water heating unit and produce your own energy from the heat of the sun.

Apart from offering long-term savings on power bills, homes installed with a water heating system have considerably decreased carbon footprints. The method of converting sunlight into power doesn’t discharge carbon dioxide or other toxins injurious to the atmosphere, making solar heating a clean & green renewable energy system.

If you are living in Canada, and looking to buy a quality solar water heating system, here are a few suppliers to check out:


Whether your application is commercial, industrial or residential,  Enerworks can provide a properly sized integrated solar heating system designed & optimized to meet your energy requirements. The company offers a wide range of solar heating stuff, encompassing solar pool heating, ideal for applications in all weathers.

Silicon Solar:

Silicon Solar carry a massive collection of the industry’s best solar panels & solar modules. They also carry a wide range of pre-packaged comprehensive solar heating units to get solar energy without any considerable effort. Their Flat Plate Solar Collectors are ideal for just about any solar water heating applications. And their Hot2O Solar Water Heaters are perfect if you’re living in a climate where freezing & snow accumulation isn’t an issue.


Apricus, a leading Canadian solar kit supplier provides 2 kinds of solar collectors for use solar water heating units. Evacuated Tube Collectors unite the high-end performance of evacuated tubes with quick heat transfer ability of heat pipes to offer a collector that can run competently in nearly any weather offering hot water for domestic or industrial solar water heating projects.

At the same time, Flat Plate Collectors provide a dependable source of solar hot water for domestic & commercial applications where evacuated tubes mayn’t be appropriate.

Northern Lights:

Northern Lights is a Winnipeg-based manufacturer and supplier of quality solar water heating systems. Their solar water heating systems work flawlessly by integrating with the best components out there in the market to offer you with the highest returns on your investment. The solar water heaters offered by them can be combined with pool heaters or space heating to make the most of your investment. All of their systems avail with Smartphone integration so that the users can see their savings in real time.


Green energy is always found to be the clean energy. No doubt, all manufacturers will claim their products to be the best. However, it all comes down to you to make the final decision. Do some research over the Internet and you may settle with the best option out there.

Top Interesting Facts About Solar Water Heaters

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Are you aware that solar energy can be used as a source of heat in your homes? We all know that the solar energy is a green source of energy. A water heater is considered as one of the most common home appliances, which is an essential addition to any home. But it is also true that the water heaters take up a great deal of energy too. If you want to lower your monthly electricity costs, then it will be wise to invest in a durable and high-performance solar water heater. In order to make the environment carbon free, most homeowners in the USA and all over the world are using solar water heating systems.

No doubt, you can make a smart investment by installing a quality solar water heating system in your home or commercial establishment. Do you want to make invest in a green energy by purchasing a solar water heating system? Then let us first explore some interesting facts about solar water heating system that will give you some reflection regarding your investment!

1. Mechanism of Solar Water Heating:

The solar water heating system follows the mechanism, which converts the sun’s energy into heated water. This mechanism or technology is also known as solar thermal. The solar water heating system consists of collectors that attract sunlight and then convert it into heating solutions, which can be used for household or commercial purposes. The solar thermal technology is also used for enjoying optimal space heating solutions.

2. The Benefit of a SWH System:

There are some great benefits of installing a solar water heating (SWH) system!

The solar water heating system is a clean source of energy that relies exclusively on a renewable and abundant source- sun energy. By installing a SWH system, you can utilize the solar energy instead of fossil fuels, which helps in reducing the carbon footprint from the environment.

The second best thing about installing a SWH system will help in reducing your utility bills, as it can successfully cover almost all of your household’s heating requirements. With a little or no maintenance, your SWH system will deliver an optimal heating solution.

The SWH systems are all about providing unlimited energy! As the solar water heating systems rely on the energy of the sun, it will efficiently work all year round to provide you the best heating solutions.

3. Value for Money:

If you are thinking to buy a solar water heating system, then it will prove to be a value for money deal. As per your requirement, you can purchase the right type of SWH for your home or business like pre-heat solar tank system, solar with tank-less water heaters, solar combo tank system or the new compact solar water heating system.

You can rely on Northern Lights Solar Solutions to buy the best priced and well-built, pre-packaged solar water heaters that will deliver high performance, save thousands on energy costs and lasts longer. Our durable SWH can be installed in a quick and easy way to deliver maximum performance.

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What is the Importance of Solar Home Space Heating System?

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We can see a huge popularity of solar home space heating among the property owners in Northern USA, Europe and Canada. The solar home heating system has a high efficiency in smoothly operating at higher temperatures, as this system uses vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes or solar evacuated tubes have the ability to perform in low light conditions and extreme temperatures like minus 35 degrees. It is believed that a homeowner can save up to 50 percent of their heating bill by integrating solar thermal with an existing heating system like the radiator or forced air heat.

What is it’s basic principle?The basic principle of a solar home space heating system is to capture the sun’s energy using the solar evacuated tube collectors. This helps the system to transfer the energy to a storage tank or concrete pad (which is used in the floor heating). The stored heat integrates with the existing other heating systems, which supplements the heat supply.

How is the System Designed?

The solar home space heating system is designed by using a special storage tank that allows a convenient solar storage during the day. This stored energy is easily released at night when the demand is usually higher. The storage tank of a solar home space heating system is used as the domestic hot water tank to ensure that both solar water heating and space heating can be done in one system. Designed with a Hybrid system the solar home space heating can replace the need for a Hydronic boiler as its 4.5 kW heater (built-in) and the solar energy will provide enough energy (up to 2,000 square feet of solar heated space). This type of integrated solar heating system offers the highest solar heating paybacks.

What are the Benefits of Solar Home Space Heating System?

It is found that the average American family spends a huge amount in a year on heating costs. In this case using a solar home space heating system will help you to take the advantage of the sun’s free and abundant energy to heat your home for free. Using a solar heating system to heat your home can help to reduce the high rising energy bills. One of the best things about solar home space heating systems is that it is environmentally friendly and helps in reducing carbon footprints (like air pollution and greenhouse gasses).

You can enjoy maximum savings by combining two Green Energy sources like solar home space heating with Geothermal heating. Northern Lights offers well designed and built solar space heating systems at the best price. With us, you will enjoy a cost-effective way to get the best home heating solutions. We are proud to be known as one of the world’s leading and reliable suppliers of solar water heaters and equipment (for residential and commercial applications).

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Siting Your Solar Water Heater Unit

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Prior to you purchase and set up a solar water heating unit, you first need to take into account your location’s solar supply, and also the most favorable orientation & tilt of your solar collector. The design and efficiency of a solar water heating unit relies upon how much sun’s energy reaches your building location.

Solar water heaters employ both direct & distributed solar radiation. Even though you are not living in a climate that is sunny and warm, most of the time your location still might have sufficient solar supply. If your building location feature unshaded areas and usually south-faced, it is a great candidate for solar water heaters. Your local solar system installer or provider can do solar site investigation.

Both the orientation & tilt of the collector will have an effect on the performance of your solar water heating system. Your contractor must take into account both the aspects while assessing your site’s solar supply & sizing your system.

Collector Orientation:

Solar hot water collectors or panels must be geographically oriented to exploit the amount of regular & seasonal solar power that they get. Usually, the most favorable orientation for a solar-panel in the northern geographic region is true south. Nevertheless, latest studies have established that, relying on your site & collector tilt, your panel can face about 90º west or east of true south with no significant decreasing in its performance.

solar water heaters

You will also wish to take into account aspects like roof orientation, local climate conditions and local landscape features that shade the panel regularly or seasonally, as these aspects may have an impact on your collector’s optimum orientation.

Collector Tilt:

These days, a majority of solar water-heating collectors are ascended flat on the roof. This’s more visually pleasing compared to rack-mounted collectors, which stick on the roof at very odd angles. Therefore, most collectors feature the same tilt as the roof.

Though the most favorable tilt angle for your solar collector is an angle equal to your latitude, fitting your collector flat on an angled roof won’t upshot in a considerable reduction in terms of system performance. However, you will wish to consider roof angle into account while sizing your system.

Buy solar water heaters and supplies from Northern Lights and enjoy considerable saving. For more information, don’t be hesitated to call us 1 -800 -317 -9054 or e-mail us at .


Top Interesting Facts about Cost-Efficient Solar Pool Heating

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With an effective solar pool heating you can enjoy an extended swimming season as well as also experience a reduction in utility bills. Solar heating for your home pool will help in utilizing a clean, green energy to enjoy an optimal heating solutions. You can keep your swimming pool’s water temperature comfortable all year round by using top quality solar heating systems that will ensure low operating costs.

Traditional heating systems are associated with high energy or fuel costs, for which many pool owners opt to turn them off for much of the year. This move can save the money, but will not offer you a pleasant swimming experience. In this case, relying on a high performance solar heating system for your swimming pool will prove to be inexpensive.

Please have a look at some of the interesting facts of solar heating systems for your swimming pool:

1. Affordable:

A durable solar heating systems for your pool are found to be affordable in comparison to its counterparts. Depending on the features, the cost of the heating system normally varies, which proves to be quite pocket-friendly. After making the purchase and installing the solar heating system, you will enjoy free heating solutions that will enhance your swimming experience as well as also will give a chance to enjoy a socialize with friends or family members.

2. Easy to Use:

If you are thinking that the solar heating system for your pool is difficult to use, then relax. The solar heating systems have great features such as user-friendly controls and worry-free operations, which makes it easy to use them and enjoy an optimum level of heating solutions.


3. High Performance:

In all over the world the solar pool heaters are quite popular and highly demanded for its high performance and cost-effectiveness. It is assumed that a high performance solar pool heater can make your pool about 10 degrees warmer when an outside temperature is believed to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Not Affect the Pool’s Aesthetics:

Using solar heating systems will not affect your pool’s aesthetics. Well designed and exclusive features of the solar heating systems will ensure a perfect pool heating that will attract you to take a plunge and enjoy a pleasing swimming experience.

solar-swimming-pool heating

5. Good Functionality:

The high performance solar heating systems works in a convenient and effective way to heat your swimming pool’s water. You will get a chance to heat your swimming pool in an energy efficient way by using the solar heating systems and save money.

You will be able to enjoy the advantage of advanced solar pool heating solutions by relying on Solar Tubs. We specialize in providing top quality and per-engineered solar pool heating systems at the best price. By installing our solar heating system, you will enjoy a cost-effective pool heating solution that will help in saving on utility bills.

To know more about solar heating for your swimming pool, please contact us- http://www.solartubs.com/contact-us.html.

Know About the Performance of Solar Pool Heating System

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Warm pool water gives an excellent retreat to tired body and mind. People can now enjoy it for an extended period without the risk of added utility bill and carbon emission. A large number of pool owners are now installing solar pool heating systems only to feel happy using their pool more often they like because free sun light is available to heat up the cold pool water to make it comfortable and relaxing for their swimming throughout the year.

The cost of pool heating may be high with use of any conventional pool heaters but now pool owners have the option of solar pool heating to enjoy a warm pool with the free and clear energy of the sun for a reasonable investment. With the availability of solar pool heating system in different sizes and prices, they can easily extend their swim season and save money on solar pool heating cost.

The operational mechanism of Solar pool heating is very simple. Pool water is pumped and travels through PVC pipes to ultimately reach and get heated with energy trapped in solar collectors – basically arranged either in a series of collector tubes (conventional strip solar systems for reliable heating) or versatile solar panels – that are placed on ground, rack or roof of the house. As the pool water keeps running through the solar collector it continues to get heated with the energy of sun. The already heated water then goes back to the pool through the open motor valve.

The heating performance of solar heating system can get controlled manually as well as automatically. Most of today’s systems have a digital controller to automatically review the temperature condition outside and direct water to the system installed on roof or ground . And, of course, this automatic control works on foggy and cloudy days – even though with reduced heating effect.

Solar pool heating ensures continuous warmth to the pool water beyond cold season, and allows users to extend their swim season into the spring fall and autumn effectively. Solar heating is a natural and eco-friendly way to heat up the pool water – be it is an outdoor, indoor or inground pool. Moreover, it won’t deplete the ozone layer with carbon emission, because it is non-polluting, has low operational cost and can help users earn attractive incentives and rebates for use of green energy.

What Factors Influence the Performance of Solar Pool Heating Systems?

The actual rise in pool water temperature will rely on several factors. The most important one among them is the size of the solar collector or its glazing area – otherwise, the m2/watt capacity of the solar collectors that indicates solar radiation power of the heating system to feed the pool. And other factors in the list are solar collector pitch, orientation, roof type on which the solar pool heater will be mounted and the amount of wind and shade affecting the pool.

You will have to consider all the above factors in order to get optimal performance from solar pool heating. The exact position and size of the solar collectors are needed to be calculated. Though roof is the commonly chosen place for mounting solar pool heating, you will have to pick up a location that gives the best sun exposure, tilt angle and orientation that are crucial for the solar pool heater’s performance. Solartubs is a solar products manufacturer dealing in different kinds of integrated solar pool heaters. You can work with its expert professionals and build a fully effective solar pool heating for your pool. For designing and developing a perfect solar pool heating system, Solartubs can be contacted at 1 -800 -317 -9054.