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5 Point Guide for Solar Pool Heating Buyers

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Your plan to use a solar pool heating system in the home, hotel or health center is a very reasonable and admirable decision from the angle of usability and long-term energy savings. In the North American countries like USA and Canada, where the climate condition remains too cold to foggy, there is enough reason to take advantage of the unlimited solar energy for the pool heating needs during the summer and manage home/space heating and domestic hot water in the winter months.

5 Point Guide for Solar Pool Heating Buyers

As a first time buyer, you can always seek assistance from the supplier to guide you on the right kind of solar pool heating system. But some of them have limited stock of the type of pool heating system they deal with. Below is a 5-point guide to pick the most perfect solar pool heating system for your use:

1. Two Major Options: – In the whole world, there are normally two major kinds of solar pool heating systems available. The 1st type is the solar flat plate collector system. It uses collectors made of rubber or PVC that are mounted flat on the roof of the pool owner. The 2nd type is modern age solar pool heating systems using high-performing solar vacuum tubes to deliver solar energy indirectly to the pool. The flat-plate collectors are perfect for areas that are not vulnerable to heavy frosting. However, the evacuated tube solar pool heaters employing antifreeze glycol liquid to heat the pool water in frosty conditions. The second type are closed loop systems working with a heat exchanger to save you from excessive pressure or wear on the pump and lowering the pump operating cost by around 30%.

2. Installation Cost and Components: – If you install an open loop type solar pool heating system, the two key components that would keep it functional are the solar collector panels and the water storage tank. A family of four persons will need about 2 panels of solar thermal collectors and a 300-360 liter water tank. For pumping the water to the roof and circulate it through the pool heating system you will require a solar heat pump powered by photovoltaic cells or electronic controller.

Installation of evacuated tube solar pool involves a heat exchanger ruling out the need for any oversized pumps to lift the large volumes of water to the rooftop. Instead, all that is required is a small size pump drawing less than a light bulb with longevity of 20 years or more.

3. Repays and Incentives: – Most solar pool heating systems are able to repay the investment cost yielding great savings over electricity and fossil fuels. With reduced cost of ownership, the pool owners are likely to be granted rebates and incentives by the state government for using solar pool heating systems. You may even check with any local supplier to know about the incentives offered in your area.

4. Instant Quote: – After getting sure about the kind of solar pool heater you want to install, you should ask for instant quotes from a couple of suppliers in the area. Be ready to answer a few questions as well: how many people are there? Do you have any domestic hot water system? Do you have a connection to a gas or electric system? What time of the day is pool water in use?

You also need to confirm if the offered quote includes installation charges and how much time it will take to operate. It’s better to know about the system warranty, life span, and other profitable programs available for the user.

5. Supplier Credibility: – In choosing your solar pool heating system, make sure that you contact the most professional and reliable supplier. You can personally visit the showroom or virtually visit it online and get to know about its service standard as well as market reputation.

Solartubs: Your Ultimate Choice

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What’s Solar Space Heating & How It Works?

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Also known as solar home heating, solar space heating employs energy that’s detained from the sun to produce the appropriate temperature at any moment. It’s considered among the low price form of heating as it offers renewable energy. This type of heating is gaining popularity and it’s being employed in diverse sectors because of its capability to convert one of the most certain sources of power, which is up course the sun. The energy captured in this way has the capability to warm up any area, therefore creating a comfy space throughout the winter months.

How solar space heating work?

Solar home heating can be performed in various ways. It’s hence essential to make sure which one best fit your requirement prior to making any decision. While they aren’t the only methods, they’re certainly the most commonly used ones.

Through a space heater appliance: This appliance makes it feasible to release hot air. This’s performed by the production of hot exhausts, which are generated by the heated compounds discovered inside the appliance. This can be performed in different manners. For beginners, it can be performed via solar panels or otherwise, batteries, which are employed with the space heater, can be charged & employed afterward until the energy is depleted. It’s essential to say that there’re some solar space heating units, which possess the abilities of executing both actions and therefore, make sure that heating is accomplished for an extended period.

Multiple battery systems:In this scenario, an expert needs to be appointed to set up the unit. It needs that you incorporate extra solar paneling sets and also split array, which makes it feasible to divide the power obtained from the sun & shift it to the batteries. Meanwhile, this makes sure that the space heater appliance being used is powered also. It’s essential to keep in mind that while this is a productive approach, it doesn’t work in regions that boast massive clouds all through the winter months. Set up of these panels is effortless because many experts in the industry are willing to execute this at a negligible fee.

Solar home heating units can considerably decrease your energy bills. Furthermore, they’ll also decrease the amount of greenhouse gases that you generate from employing fossil fuels. With numerous tax credits, rebates and grants available on solar energy, there are no valid reasons why you shouldn’t give solar space heating a try.

Top Interesting Facts about Cost-Efficient Solar Pool Heating

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With an effective solar pool heating you can enjoy an extended swimming season as well as also experience a reduction in utility bills. Solar heating for your home pool will help in utilizing a clean, green energy to enjoy an optimal heating solutions. You can keep your swimming pool’s water temperature comfortable all year round by using top quality solar heating systems that will ensure low operating costs.

Traditional heating systems are associated with high energy or fuel costs, for which many pool owners opt to turn them off for much of the year. This move can save the money, but will not offer you a pleasant swimming experience. In this case, relying on a high performance solar heating system for your swimming pool will prove to be inexpensive.

Please have a look at some of the interesting facts of solar heating systems for your swimming pool:

1. Affordable:

A durable solar heating systems for your pool are found to be affordable in comparison to its counterparts. Depending on the features, the cost of the heating system normally varies, which proves to be quite pocket-friendly. After making the purchase and installing the solar heating system, you will enjoy free heating solutions that will enhance your swimming experience as well as also will give a chance to enjoy a socialize with friends or family members.

2. Easy to Use:

If you are thinking that the solar heating system for your pool is difficult to use, then relax. The solar heating systems have great features such as user-friendly controls and worry-free operations, which makes it easy to use them and enjoy an optimum level of heating solutions.


3. High Performance:

In all over the world the solar pool heaters are quite popular and highly demanded for its high performance and cost-effectiveness. It is assumed that a high performance solar pool heater can make your pool about 10 degrees warmer when an outside temperature is believed to be 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Not Affect the Pool’s Aesthetics:

Using solar heating systems will not affect your pool’s aesthetics. Well designed and exclusive features of the solar heating systems will ensure a perfect pool heating that will attract you to take a plunge and enjoy a pleasing swimming experience.

solar-swimming-pool heating

5. Good Functionality:

The high performance solar heating systems works in a convenient and effective way to heat your swimming pool’s water. You will get a chance to heat your swimming pool in an energy efficient way by using the solar heating systems and save money.

You will be able to enjoy the advantage of advanced solar pool heating solutions by relying on Solar Tubs. We specialize in providing top quality and per-engineered solar pool heating systems at the best price. By installing our solar heating system, you will enjoy a cost-effective pool heating solution that will help in saving on utility bills.

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Know About the Performance of Solar Pool Heating System

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Warm pool water gives an excellent retreat to tired body and mind. People can now enjoy it for an extended period without the risk of added utility bill and carbon emission. A large number of pool owners are now installing solar pool heating systems only to feel happy using their pool more often they like because free sun light is available to heat up the cold pool water to make it comfortable and relaxing for their swimming throughout the year.

The cost of pool heating may be high with use of any conventional pool heaters but now pool owners have the option of solar pool heating to enjoy a warm pool with the free and clear energy of the sun for a reasonable investment. With the availability of solar pool heating system in different sizes and prices, they can easily extend their swim season and save money on solar pool heating cost.

The operational mechanism of Solar pool heating is very simple. Pool water is pumped and travels through PVC pipes to ultimately reach and get heated with energy trapped in solar collectors – basically arranged either in a series of collector tubes (conventional strip solar systems for reliable heating) or versatile solar panels – that are placed on ground, rack or roof of the house. As the pool water keeps running through the solar collector it continues to get heated with the energy of sun. The already heated water then goes back to the pool through the open motor valve.

The heating performance of solar heating system can get controlled manually as well as automatically. Most of today’s systems have a digital controller to automatically review the temperature condition outside and direct water to the system installed on roof or ground . And, of course, this automatic control works on foggy and cloudy days – even though with reduced heating effect.

Solar pool heating ensures continuous warmth to the pool water beyond cold season, and allows users to extend their swim season into the spring fall and autumn effectively. Solar heating is a natural and eco-friendly way to heat up the pool water – be it is an outdoor, indoor or inground pool. Moreover, it won’t deplete the ozone layer with carbon emission, because it is non-polluting, has low operational cost and can help users earn attractive incentives and rebates for use of green energy.

What Factors Influence the Performance of Solar Pool Heating Systems?

The actual rise in pool water temperature will rely on several factors. The most important one among them is the size of the solar collector or its glazing area – otherwise, the m2/watt capacity of the solar collectors that indicates solar radiation power of the heating system to feed the pool. And other factors in the list are solar collector pitch, orientation, roof type on which the solar pool heater will be mounted and the amount of wind and shade affecting the pool.

You will have to consider all the above factors in order to get optimal performance from solar pool heating. The exact position and size of the solar collectors are needed to be calculated. Though roof is the commonly chosen place for mounting solar pool heating, you will have to pick up a location that gives the best sun exposure, tilt angle and orientation that are crucial for the solar pool heater’s performance. Solartubs is a solar products manufacturer dealing in different kinds of integrated solar pool heaters. You can work with its expert professionals and build a fully effective solar pool heating for your pool. For designing and developing a perfect solar pool heating system, Solartubs can be contacted at 1 -800 -317 -9054.