Understanding the Types of Northern Lights Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are the easiest possible ways to harness the solar energy directly. Northern Lights pre-packaged solar water heating kits are easy to install and provide unparalleled performance and safety. They are widely used in commercial premises like hotels, Laundromats, restaurants, car washes etc. Here are a few types of solar water heaters discussed below:

Pre Heat Solar Tank System

Pre Heat Solar Tank System comes with two tanks, first is a solar pre heat tank and is a basic solar hot water storage tank. This pre-heat tank is used to provide warm water to an existing hot water tank. This heating kit is the most common retrofit as it utilizes the existing hot water tank and requires very little retrofit to the plumbing.

The main supply line is routed to the pre-heat tank and drawn back into the supply after it is heated. However, the most efficient solar water heaters use the basic theory of stratification. In the stratification process, the solar water heater is heated using Thermosiphon or a very slow pump.

Though the system ensures a slow mixing of water, the top layer is always the hottest. When the top water draws into the main tank, the hottest water is used first. Though the average household used hot water in batches, the solar water heating system can supply according to the daily requirements.

Solar Tankless Water Heaters

In a solar tankless water heater, the water is pre-heated through the solar storage tank before entering the tankless heater. For instance, the main line water is coming into the home at 40 degrees can be heated in a pre heat tank at 120. If the tankless heater is set as 140 degrees, it only needs to supply 20 degrees of heat energy as compared to 100 degrees without the pre heat tank. This means, you will get significant savings.

Solar Combo Tank System

The specially designed solar combo tank system is a combination of a solar pre-heat tank with an electrical backup heater in a unit. This tank uses an internal heat exchange in the bottom part of the tank. The solar loop is piped through this loop and heats water effortlessly.

The top of the tank consists of an electric heating element to the top up the water temperature quickly or help you in the days of no sun.

While there are different solar pre-heat tanks with heat exchangers, there are few that are built only for the Northern American market and come with the proper UL certification. These systems are perfect for home installations or even when your existing water tanks needs replacement.

New Compact Solar Water Heaters

The new compact solar water heaters are used for those who need solar heating for domestic hot water applications. They are right alternatives to the advanced closed loop solar water heaters and don’t have any moving parts or pump.

These systems work well in southern climates that seldom get freezing conditions and are perfect for 20F. They usually sit on the ground or are mounted on the roof. An 80 gallon storage tank is integrated with solar vacuum tubes and offers hot water to a family of 4-5 persons.

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