Flat Plate Solar Heater :The Most Effective Renewable Technology for Water Heating

Flat plate solar heater is one of the cheapest and most effective renewable energy technologies. It uses non-conventional source of energy that is used for house hold applications. With this technology collection, storage and utilization of solar energy is done which is then utilized by the solar heating system. The solar heating system comprises of a flat plate collector and an evacuated tube. This is system is widely accepted as the cost of production is comparatively low and the capacity is high.

Flat plate collector plays the vital part in such systems. These solar collectors are the most fundamental technology that is used for domestic solar hot water systems. The working principle is quite simple! The sun heats a dark flat surface that collects as much energy as possible and the energy is then gets transferred to the required water source.

The main components of the flat plate collector are a black surface that absorbs the incident solar energy, a glazing cover that is a transparent layer which transmits radiation to the absorber as well as prevents radiative and convective heat loss from the surface. The other components are evacuating tubes that contain heating fluid to transfer the heat from the collector, a support structure that protects the components and hold them in place, and insulation that covers the sides and bottom of the collector to reduce heat loss.

The advantages of flat plate solar heater are these are easy to manufacture, cost is low, collects beam and diffuses radiation, permanently fixed and no tracking equipment is required and its maintenance is low.


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