5 Point Guide for Solar Pool Heating Buyers

Your plan to use a solar pool heating system in the home, hotel or health center is a very reasonable and admirable decision from the angle of usability and long-term energy savings. In the North American countries like USA and Canada, where the climate condition remains too cold to foggy, there is enough reason to take advantage of the unlimited solar energy for the pool heating needs during the summer and manage home/space heating and domestic hot water in the winter months.

5 Point Guide for Solar Pool Heating Buyers

As a first time buyer, you can always seek assistance from the supplier to guide you on the right kind of solar pool heating system. But some of them have limited stock of the type of pool heating system they deal with. Below is a 5-point guide to pick the most perfect solar pool heating system for your use:

1. Two Major Options: – In the whole world, there are normally two major kinds of solar pool heating systems available. The 1st type is the solar flat plate collector system. It uses collectors made of rubber or PVC that are mounted flat on the roof of the pool owner. The 2nd type is modern age solar pool heating systems using high-performing solar vacuum tubes to deliver solar energy indirectly to the pool. The flat-plate collectors are perfect for areas that are not vulnerable to heavy frosting. However, the evacuated tube solar pool heaters employing antifreeze glycol liquid to heat the pool water in frosty conditions. The second type are closed loop systems working with a heat exchanger to save you from excessive pressure or wear on the pump and lowering the pump operating cost by around 30%.

2. Installation Cost and Components: – If you install an open loop type solar pool heating system, the two key components that would keep it functional are the solar collector panels and the water storage tank. A family of four persons will need about 2 panels of solar thermal collectors and a 300-360 liter water tank. For pumping the water to the roof and circulate it through the pool heating system you will require a solar heat pump powered by photovoltaic cells or electronic controller.

Installation of evacuated tube solar pool involves a heat exchanger ruling out the need for any oversized pumps to lift the large volumes of water to the rooftop. Instead, all that is required is a small size pump drawing less than a light bulb with longevity of 20 years or more.

3. Repays and Incentives: – Most solar pool heating systems are able to repay the investment cost yielding great savings over electricity and fossil fuels. With reduced cost of ownership, the pool owners are likely to be granted rebates and incentives by the state government for using solar pool heating systems. You may even check with any local supplier to know about the incentives offered in your area.

4. Instant Quote: – After getting sure about the kind of solar pool heater you want to install, you should ask for instant quotes from a couple of suppliers in the area. Be ready to answer a few questions as well: how many people are there? Do you have any domestic hot water system? Do you have a connection to a gas or electric system? What time of the day is pool water in use?

You also need to confirm if the offered quote includes installation charges and how much time it will take to operate. It’s better to know about the system warranty, life span, and other profitable programs available for the user.

5. Supplier Credibility: – In choosing your solar pool heating system, make sure that you contact the most professional and reliable supplier. You can personally visit the showroom or virtually visit it online and get to know about its service standard as well as market reputation.

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