Six Reasons Flat Panel Solar Collectors will Suit Your Needs

Solar hot water is a reasonably priced and effective form of clean, renewable energy system that can be taken advantage of by every home or business owners.  A Flat Panel solar collector absorbs sunlight and converts it into usable heat energy transferred to the storage water tank for making it hot for domestic purposes. Users have a constant debate based on the reasons that lead them to go for a Flat Panel Solar Collectors system and few of them are as follows.


Flat panel solar collectors are a simpler technology with the capacity to produce maximum heat of about 140F, while evacuated tube collectors can perform up to 200F. A slim metal panel, usually painted black is positioned just below a pane of glass to prevent heat from escaping into the air. It helps to maximize the heat quantity to be transferred into the hot water cylinder. It performs better in areas experiencing heavy snowfall because they can melt the snow faster by reflecting heat.


You can choose flat panel solar collectors, depending on the climatic condition of your area. It will be more efficient if properly installed at a wider angle facing the sun. Flat panel solar collectors are best known for work efficiently in sunny climates. It not only used for producing hot water but also owns the roof feature functions such as insulation, shading, water-proof and much more. The unique structure and high-quality insulation allow the heat to be resourcefully transferred to the water with negligible loss in it.


Flat Panel solar collector can be installed at any space or be installed compactly. Whichever types of flat panel solar collectors you choose must be mounted on a surface so that it can absorb maximum sunlight. Panel solar collectors are more sensitive to sunlight and should be positioned at a superior angle to enhance its heat absorbing ability to the maximum. A reliable dealer can give you’re the best recommendation to be adopted while installation of panel solar collectors to your needs.

Flat Panel Solar Collectors


The design is a key factor to consider when choosing flat panel solar collectors. With the unsealed enclosure of the flat plates, they are more prone to deterioration over a time due to condensation. However, the condensation will not affect its overall functionality. It has the capability to run around 30 to 40 years but if there will be a serious damage, you will be required to restore the entire panel again.


Cost is one of the prime factors when it comes to choosing flat panel solar collectors to meet your specific need. Since it depends on individual’s needs and budget a local dealer can suggest a better option for your choice. However, you have to make the compare the price based on the capacity, size, productivity, annual performance as well as durability.


Location is also very important, bearing in mind that these flat panel solar collectors perform the finest in diverse climatic conditions. In cold conditions, 3 to 5 flat panel solar collectors can be effective to give out best heat necessary for your requirement. Since flat panel solar collectors are inexpensive hence can be your best choice for sunny areas.


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