Five Amazing Things about Solar Water Heating System

Most of you are aware of solar panels but not about solar water heaters that can be great source of heat energy for your home. Due to the use of solar heating technology these heaters can trap and convert free solar energy to heat up air or fluid, which ultimately helps transmit this energy to interior walls and space or storage systems for future use. Solar water heating compliment many other heating systems installed in your home or office like boilers, radiant floor heating, boilers, gas absorption heat pumps, forced-air furnaces etc.

When thinking about green energy solutions, you may like to consider solar photovoltaic panels. However, this is not the only cost-effective option available to capture and convert the solar power. Solar water heaters (SWH), otherwise known as solar thermal power systems can also be a good choice for collecting green energy in abundance. You can have them in four different types – solar domestic hot water systems, solar thermal system for space heating, solar combi systems and solar swimming pool or hot tub heating systems that would make your green energy investment productive.

Solar water heating is the modern method involving conversion of the free solar energy into heat energy that would heat up water. It works around solar thermal technology and consists of an evacuated solar collector that derives power from sunlight and passes it into water to provide ultimate heating solutions for your home or even commercial property. Solar thermal system is mainly used for domestic water heating or space heating.

Below are given five amazing things that you may like to know before installing solar water heating systems:

  • Solar water heaters can be cost-effective method of heating in cold regions where people mostly depend on fuel energy for floor heating or water heating.
  •  Solar heaters deliver the benefits of green energy and can keep your forced air furnaces running.
  •  Most of the solar thermal systems come with 10 year warranty but are likely to last more than that.
  •  The use of solar heaters can bring you sales tax concession, income tax credits and real estate tax discounts in some regions.
  • Solar heating systems can successfully reduce the amount of fossil fuels required for heat generation and electricity production.

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