Enjoy an Environment Friendly Heating with Solar Water Heaters

These days, use of solar water heating systems is widely found in both residential and commercial establishments. It is found that well installed and properly used water heating system run by sun energy provides around 60 percent of hot water required for a property or home. We all know that sun energy is the one source, which will be there always. So, it proves to be the best way for making use the free energy with use of solar heating systems.

It is mostly found that traditional water heaters generally keep a large supply of water heated at all times, which requires a huge energy that results in triggering the energy cost. In this case it can be recommended to install solar heating systems or solar water heater, which will save money and electricity. A solar water heater utilizes sun energy and converts it to heat energy for heating up gallons of water.

Things that drive us for installing solar water heaters:


Installing solar water heaters are considered to be convenient and cost-effective way to use sun energy to heat water at your commercial or residential establishments. Compared to the traditional water heaters, which have huge operational costs, the solar water heaters are considered to be perfect in reducing operational costs while providing an effective performance.

Save on Electrical Bill:

With use of solar water heaters, you can suitably reduce usage of electricity for heating the water by 50%. You can enjoy throughout the year hot water without spending a huge amount of electrical energy; this will ensure a great reduction in your utility bills.

Compact solar water heaters

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

Do you know solar water heaters can save 300 gallons of oil usage per year for one house? This results in reducing the pollution caused by traditional hot water heaters. It is found that residential solar water heater helps in preventing about 5000 lbs of CO2 emissions per year.

Low Maintenance with Assurance of Durability:

Solar water heaters have a simple design, which requires a relatively low maintenance and an annual inspection, which assures to own a long-lasting technology. Homeowners have found solar water heating systems for their pools are effective for having an enjoyable pool-owning experience.

Increases Property Value:

Studies have shown buyers are willing to pay more for a property having solar water heater installed.  

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